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  • `Midnight Aeon`
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`Midnight Aeon`

£55.00 Regular Price
£44.00Sale Price

"Midnight Aeon" is a visual odyssey that captures the mystical fusion of time and the cosmos. The central figure, adorned with a headdress that mirrors the intricate artistry of celestial bodies, is in a state of serene contemplation. Her closed eyes suggest a deep inward journey, transcending the temporal realm. The azure and sapphire palette whispers of the night sky, while the golden accents of the clock at the forefront symbolize the ticking of cosmic time. The artwork is a profound meditation on the universe's eternal dance, framed by the silent, steady rhythm of the clock's hands sweeping past midnight—a moment suspended between the known and the unknowable. This creation is a testament to the grandeur of time and the universe, a signature piece in the Alte Wandal collection.

  • This brand-new 2024 artwork from the AI Art Collection by Alte Wandal is available in four distinct options to cater to diverse preferences and spaces:

    • Digital (Extra Large Scale): Ideal for those who appreciate the flexibility of digital art. This option allows for a grand display of the artwork in high resolution, perfect for large screens or digital frames.

    • Small Physical (A5 Size): Delivered by post, this compact version is suitable for smaller spaces. It comes in a hard cover to ensure its safety and integrity during transit.

    • Medium Physical (A4 Size): A slightly larger physical option, also delivered securely to your doorstep. This medium-sized piece strikes a balance between presence and convenience.

    • Large Physical (A3 Size): The largest and most impactful option, this is the original physical piece. It is delivered in a special tube to protect its quality and craftsmanship.

    For all physical sizes, please note that the artwork is unframed, allowing you the freedom to choose framing that suits your personal style. Importantly, the price includes delivery, ensuring that your chosen artwork arrives at your location without additional shipping costs.

    Please be aware that the art displayed on our website and other platforms is of intentionally lower quality. This is to protect the uniqueness and integrity of each piece.

    When you receive your artwork, you will experience the full richness and detail that only an original Alte Wandal piece can provide.

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