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  • (FREE) Tattoo Aftercare Guide - Second Skin

(FREE) Tattoo Aftercare Guide - Second Skin


Got a Second Skin cover? Here’s the drill. If it peels off sooner than 4-7 days, switch to the open care method described in Classic Bondage Aftercare Guide.

    • Keep It Covered: Your tattoo's wrapped in Dermalize (Second Skin). Leave it be for 3-4 days, max of 7.
    • Hands Off: No picking or peeling at the second skin.
    • Fluids Are Normal: Seeing fluid under the bandage is okay. If it leaks or opens, switch to standard care.
    • Lifestyle Checks: Stay away from swimming, heavy sweating, and sun until healed. Post-healing, slap on high SPF sunscreen to protect your ink. No booze.
    • Shower Friendly: You can shower with it but skip baths and pools.
    • Gentle Removal: When it’s time to take it off, do it under warm shower water, gently. Can’t reach? Get help.
    • Residue Removal: Sticky bits might stay. Don’t scrub. Use warm water and mild soap, gently. It’ll come off eventually.
    • Dress Smart: Opt for loose, cotton clothes to avoid irritation.
    • Skin Reactions: Redness around the tattoo or under the second skin is common. It settles in a few days.
    • Questions or Issues: Hit up your tattoo artist first. If things look off, we’ll point you to your GP.
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